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Title Belt Sanctioning

These can only be ordered by the National Representative at least 4 weeks before the event.

Promoters can contact us directly and we will engage your National Representative.

Please order through with the following details

  • Date of fight(s)
  • Level of Belt E.g. World, Intercontinental, National
  • Professional or Amateur Title
  • Discipline/Style of fight
  • Male or Female
  • Weight
  • Country of Fight
  • Engraving Required on Belt
  • Delivery Address
  • Contact Name, Telephone and Email

The Title will be checked on our database, if vacant the belt will be reserved. 

If already held, details of who holds title will be passed on, in order to arrange for them to defend

You will then be given a price for the belt(s) including Sanction Fees (unless National or below) and Postage

As soon as funds are in the UK bank or PayPal Account, the Belts will be ordered and shipped direct

After the Fight(s) you must email the Name of the Holder of the Title for our records, along with photo’s and video footage if possible.

WKA Title Belts