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WKA Grading Examiners Course!

Examiners Course!

Elevate your expertise and become a WKA certified examiner!

The purpose of this initiative is to establish a globally uniform system, ensuring consistent adherence to the WKA grading rules for widespread standardization.

Grading Examiners (2nd – 6th Dan) will have the authority to create certified WKA International grading boards, facilitating efficient processes for successful candidates.

Additionally, Senior Examiners (7th – 9th Dan) will hold the privilege of authorizing 4th – 6th Dan promotions and crossover certificates.

The course, lasting 2 to 3 hours, covers topics such as

  • criteria for grading
  • grading board composition
  • details about the new 2nd and 3rd Dan requirements.

Those aspiring to be senior examiners will receive an extra 30 minutes of instruction on authorizing crossovers and promoting master ranks.

For further details and registration, contact Beverley Thomas, our International Coordinator, at

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WKA Grading Examiners Certificate