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Help create a new, clear pathway for fighters to get to the major leagues and big professional contracts.

Know you helped an up-and-coming fighter dreams come true.

What we are looking for is those who have experience in the fight game - promoters, officials or coaches.
The biggest thing we are looking for is people who share the same goal of giving fighters a chance and creating something new.

Selectors will receive a list of fighters profiles to review and rank.
The number will be dependant on entries and number of selectors.

We estimate there should be no more than a couple of hours a month involvement.

Selectors will be deciding on fighters from outside of their region, to maintain unbiased selections; however, Selectors can recommend and champion wildcard Fighters from their region.

Also, being seen as someone who is trying to make a difference and doing something new will enhance your personal profile.

Kickstart the Fight industry during a pandemic.

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