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Street to the Ring 2 - Aruba


Sat 17 sep 20:30 (AST)


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Fight Card - Street to the Ring

(Subject to Change)

Red NameRed GymBlue NameBlue GymStyleROUNDSTIME
1David HernandezDojo Illidge WKA-ARUBAJose D lamarckDojo Illidge WKA-ARUBABoxing32
2Aaron HelderDojo Illidge WKA-ARUBAJustin PetrocthiDojo Illidge WKA-ARUBABoxing32
3David HernandezDojo Illidge WKA-ARUBAJuan JonesDojo Illidge WKA-ARUBABoxing 4-man32
4Erick RidderstapDojo Illidge WKA-ARUBAYsaquiel JacobsDojo Illidge WKA-ARUBABoxing 4-man
5Akeem AikmanDojo Illidge WKA-ARUBAArmando RasmijnDojo Illidge WKA-ARUBAMMA33
6Anthony KoolmanDojo Illidge WKA-ARUBANelson MartinaDojo Illidge WKA-ARUBABoxing32
7Justin DirksDojo Illidge WKA-ARUBARenny LarmonieDojo Illidge WKA-ARUBAK132
8Darnel HernandezStacy Thai FitRijjomar MartinaDojo Illidge WKA-ARUBAK132
9Winner of Fight 3 - David HernandezDojo Illidge WKA-ARUBAWinner of Fight 4 - Ysaquiel JacobsDojo Illidge WKA-ARUBABoxing 4-man32