Already Purchased? - how can I find my show?

Login to the site and you will be redirected to your active membership. Click here to  login.

Access - How long can I access my Pay-Per-View events?

Your video will be available ON DEMAND for 7 days after the event.

How can I cast to my TV?

On your computer

You need to use the Chrome browser on your computer or Chromecast App. 

    1. Open the show on the Chrome browser (make sure you have purchased a ticket and are logged in)
    2. From the top right-hand menu, select the 3 dots.
    3. Select ‘Cast…’ and the TV you want to cast to. Make sure the TV and your computer are on the same network.

On your mobile or iPad

If you want to use a mobile or iPad, you need to use an App like Chromecaster and follow the same steps as above. You must load the https://wkainternational.com/ website through the Chromecaster app.

login limit exceeded?

Your ticket gives you access for one device only.