Why use WKA TV

WKA TV’s goal is to bring events of all levels to the world, creating entertaining and professional shows watched worldwide. 

For Fighters, our goal is to get you seen by the world, giving you a chance of getting noticed by international promoters to kickstart your career. Also with the help of the WKA Associate program, you can earn commissions on shows you watching or taking part in!

Promoters, earn some extra income from your shows. We help to get viewers from all over the world to watch your events, showcasing your fighters. 
Large or small, big camera setup or just a couple of Go-Pros we can create that big-ticket look and feel with your PPV show.

With the support of our full purpose-built studio, we can add commentators, replays and all your usual graphics that is expected from the top-level PPV shows. 
Also with our associate program, that amplifies your show reach with commissions for fighters and fight fans for growing your viewership.

Plus, our update shows that will get your show talked about leading up to your show.


All promoters get complimentary https://wkainternational.com and https://wkatv.com for 6 months after their shows to watch their own and also check out how the world does theirs. 
Regular promoters get a permanent pass. 

Also after one month, WKA TV will give you a copy of the footage, as we know some are building their Youtube channels. 

Lots of reasons to be part of WKA TV