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Support ukraine

WKA international stands openly for the ukraine

We at WKA International want to support our WKA family in Ukraine.

To help, we will be raising funds to send over to the WKA Ukraine team to assist them through this time.

We’ll be raising funds by sending 100% of commissions on Pay-Per-View shows, Fight Library memberships and downloads and products on the WKA Shop.

Stop War

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How to Raise money for WKA Ukraine

We are NOT asking you to send us money; we ask you to buy our products and services.

You’ll help and get something in return, and we’ll send to our WKA Ukraine family the amount we get from commissions.

Click the links below, and any purchases you make will create a commission for WKA Ukraine.

There are lots of different WKA products at our Web Shop. The shop has items to suit all tastes, and we chose to create a small products line with a “Support Ukraine” tag line. Therefore, you can support buying products from all the categories at the shop.

You can also help by watching exciting fight events spread worldwide from Canada to New Zealand. Visit our WKA Live webpage, buy your ticket for these events, and you’re already supporting Ukraine and watching great fights.

We have a huge fight library available 24/7 where you can see or remember past events or fights. So, like the Shop products or the Pay-Per-View, you’re supporting Ukraine and getting access to lots of great fights when you subscribe to our Library.